About Addie's


Little History

Mr Addie - life and dream Inspired by childhood memories of his grandparent’s farmhouse in the Northeast of Thailand, Addie was fortunate to be surrounded by people who share a genuine love of the kitchen. Especially his father, a passionate food-lover, always taught him a secret of making many delightful dishes. Addie would often accompany his father on trips to the markets, farms and even out into the jungle to collect exotic mushrooms, wild vegetables, herbs and spices. 

With more than 10 years experienced as a head chef in Imperial hotel, the leading five-star hotel in Thailand, he used his experience accumulated from that period to create delicious and unique dishes.

Having decided to travel to London in 1987, Addie transformed his passion for Thai food into business by joining his boss to establish restaurant which serving authentic Thai food with adaptation to include the best and freshest ingredients available.

He always showed his talent and joyful of cooking to kitchen crews and gave them some tips and helpful hints to make delightful recipes. At present, he continues with his tireless effort to serve some of unrivalled menus. He has been also performing occasional research for food writers with various Thai bloggers and Youtubers.